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We feel most alive when we're exploring new worlds and forming deep friendships...step into an extraordinary life of joyful excitement and all the natural beauty this world has to offer! Goddess & The Yogi Retreats will fill you with radiant, awakened goddess energy and strengthen your connection to divine, inner guidance. 

Our retreats mix yoga, personal growth, and spirituality with all the friendship, exploration, and wild adventures of a girl's trip! Join our sisterhood and answer the call of your soul for freedom and adventure.

We're deeply passionate about the importance of uncovering your inner Goddess, stepping into your personal power, and awakening the divine feminine.  Get ready to dive deeper onto your spiritual path, manifest some serious personal empowerment, and begin to release and break free of anything that's holding you back. Recognize how truly limitless you are and the pure love, joy, and radiance of your true nature. 

"The Goddess Retreat was exactly what my yogi heart needed. It was the right combination of relaxing, yoga retreat + fun, outdoorsy time + bonding over vino. The small group nature of the retreat allowed time for each person to get to know one another and provided flexibility to spend time in a group setting or solo. 

As far as the food and activities: Jose Luis, the chef, made amazing, fresh food every night that left every girl with a healthy food coma. The excursion to a small island that included snorkling and a bbq lunch was one of my personal faves, but each planned activity was a lot of fun and appropriate for a group setting. 

Audrey and Maria do a great job of planning and keeping the happy vibe going. Their a.m. and p.m. yoga sessions are even more amazing in the Costa Rican atmosphere and I highly suggest that if you have the chance .... treat yourself to this lovely retreat!" 

- Lorena

“I have traveled pretty extensively throughout my life, but this trip takes you to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The beach locations are remote, otherworldly and beyond your imaginings.” 

- Katie

"Goddess & the Yogi retreat is one I will never forget. Audrey and Maria made it a memorable experience in knowing the layout and culture of the islands we traveled to, and giving us the option of our yoga practice - as self care was a main focus point. I'd join both of them in a foreign country again in a heartbeat!"

- Reyna

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Some relationships in life, just like some events, seem like they’re meant to be. Maria and Audrey have one of those relationships.

Maria grew up in Greece, and Audrey in the United States, worlds away from one another. But in 2015 both of them found each other in a similar situation. They both felt a little stuck and disconnected from their purpose. On paper, their lives were pretty good, but something was clearly missing in their hearts.

In an attempt to reconnect with their own true north, both of them—still strangers—found yoga. They noticed that the peace and openness that comes when you turn off the outside world, and connect with your body through the movements of yoga, was amazing. For both of them, yoga became a way to connect with the beauty of their feminine bodies, and to hear the quiet whisper of the Goddess in their hearts. Yoga helped to tune out the noise of the world around, and they each began to hear a call towards something greater.

It wasn’t enough just to learn yoga, however. They both felt the call to dive deeper, and teach others what they were learning. And so, in 2015, they both signed up to begin yoga teacher training, divinely guided towards one another. They sweated on their mats together, they chaturanga-ed together, and one night after teacher training had ended, they found themselves in a group of trainees chatting about summer travel plans.

Even though they didn't know each other very well, Audrey decided on a whim to join Maria on her annual vacation to her home island in Greece. During that trip, they came to the realization that they were soul sisters—their two very different lives had come together not by happenstance, but because they had been lead to one another. It was clear to them that the reason they met and connected was not just to be friends, but to share a deeper journey, for themselves, and for other women. They were meant to connect everything they’d learned from their yoga practice, with all the beauty of sunny, coastal retreat locations.

They worked hard together to make their vision a realization - first partnering with a group travel company to teach on a trip to Colombia and then hosting their own amazing retreats in Greece and Costa Rica - and continuing on to open their own studio, North Loft Yoga, in Chicago. During these retreats everything they learned together coalesced into one beautiful experience. They don’t just teach asanas, they create a sacred container for other women to connect with the Earth Mother around them and the divine light inside.

Their goal is to create the sacred space needed to come back to the knowledge of your own heart, and to live a Goddess-inspired life that is full of adventure and beauty. It is their souls’ work to help you connect with yours. 

It's an honor and a joy to be able to do this work with the amazing women who join us on our retreats. We would love to have you join in circle with us, sisters.