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I originally started writing the book, Be A Goddess, for my own use as a kind of Goddess guidebook, a summary of the information we would focus on in our retreats, an outline of the Goddess work we would dive into. From there the book began to grow organically as more sentences poured onto the page - forming into not only a guide to the yogi Goddesses but also ideas on accessing your own, inner Goddess energy, creating a new relationship with the divine, and applying Goddess wisdom toward living an extraordinary life - while weaving in my own story and the transformation I've experienced through awakening the divine feminine. 

Our retreats are based around this book. The Goddess work we do through yoga classes, guided mediation, journaling, and self exploration provide the opportunity to dive deeper into Goddess wisdom while recognizing and accessing the power in awakening the divine feminine.


What does it mean to live with awakened Goddess energy? How can we truly recognize the world is filled with divine energy? How does connecting with our inner divinity change the way we approach life? What do the Goddess archetypes teach us about ourselves and how do they help us step into a new way of living?

When we are rooted in deep, powerful, feminine energy we see life differently. We begin to grow in magical ways and give ourselves permission to show our powerful radiance. We start to realize that the Universe is supporting and guiding us, we stop relying on our own strength and slowly loosen our grip on control. We trust the natural timing and cycles of life. We realize our wholeness, that everything we need is inside of us. We approach life playfully and with a sense of adventure. We can begin to release our fears, to let go of what no longer serves us so new things can blossom. We begin to recognize our anger and wildness as holy. We truly start to believe in our limitlessness.