Yoga Mythology

September 17th @ 6pm with Maria

Ever wonder where the Sanskrit names of yoga postures come from? In this Vinyasa class, give your practice new meaning by discovering the Hindu mythology behind some of the most popular postures in yoga. Allow the myths to fill you with strength, inspiration and a new perspective.

New Moon Flow

September 28th @ 5pm with Maria

With the new moon brings the opportunity for self-reflection, relaxation, and enlightenment. It’s the perfect time to set new intentions, new goals, and prepare for new beginnings. During this lunar phase, take time for yourself and reconnect with your yoga practice and your deepest desires. Consciously bring your awareness inward and honor the changes occurring in your life.

Coconut Yoga

September 9th @ 7:15pm with Audrey & Maria

The coconut can be the most unexpected & powerful tool for freeing your mind. This ritual is practiced in different areas of the world, in this class we'll use it to release anything you want to let go of. We'll use the coconut during our practice and in meditation, and then we'll smash them outside finding relief and freedom!

Beach Full Moon Rise & Ritual

September 14th @7:30pm with Audrey & Maria

Full moons symbolize the end of a chapter. They help us shed light on the things we no longer need to hold on to. Meet us at Albion Beach and watch the full moon rise as we take part in rituals to release The things that no longer serve us. Meet at Albion Beach!